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Welcome to Norfolk Learning Partnership Website

   Partnerships and networks statement regarding the closure of the

Norfolk Learning Partnership

2009/10 was a transition year for the Norfolk Learning Partnership during which time we would undertake a process of finding hosts for all the strategic and operational work of the partnership. This process is now completed and the Norfolk Learning Partnership will cease to exist from 31/1/2010 and the Henderson Business Centre Office will close during April 2010.

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There are operational elements of our work which will continue but operating through new host partners.

The highly successful STEPs project will continue during 2010/11 but will be hosted through the ProjectFirst Team at City College Norwich. Existing staff will transfer to the ProjectFirst team during April 2010 to continue the good work and existing partnerships will continue as well as new ones being developed. To contact the Team please go to "Contact Us" below.

The ESF Transqual project and the ESF ITT project will continue uninterrupted through the ProjectFirst team with Marie Collins being the link for these projects.

The Norfolk Mentoring Network has transferred to Norfolk Connexions and the contact for this is now Vince Albani at valbani@connexions-norfolk.co.uk

The strategically important Skills for Life Partnership groups will continue to be supported in 2010 and 2011 through the Norfolk Employment and Skills Board with    Andy Hodgson leading on this work. Her work will also include supporting Marie Collins and ProjectFirst during the final months of the ESF Transqual and ITT work to December 2010..

Andy Hodgson will also be supporting the following strategic activities:

  • The work of the Employment and Skills Board by providing officer support
  • The 2012 skills agenda including the Dare to Dream project
  • The Investing in Communities Partnership Board
  • Shaping Norfolk's Future learning and skills agenda

To contact Andy please go to "Contact Us" below.

The Norfolk Learning Partnership website will continue to be updated until at least August 2010 at which time there will either be a redirection to a new website or details of when the closure is likely to occur.

May we take this opportunity to thank all our partners for their support over the years and wish you well in the future.




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